Hand Boer "HDT-5"
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Selection of equipmen

All equipment presented on the site is unified with products manufactured in Russia.
Data for custom configuration of Pillar extractor
EquipmentPrice, $ (€)
Clamping plate3 (3)
Cord 1203 (3)
Cord 2005 (5)
Cord 3007 (6)
Bolt M10x551 (1)
Nut M101 (1)
Wrench 174 (3)

Example of complete set

  As an example, the complete set «Pillar extractor PE-3.0» is given.


Pillar extractor very traumatic device. Be careful when performing captures. Just do not allow the cord to slip in your hand, because the surface of the rope as a result of wear, sharp elements may appear.
Complete set «Pillar extractor PE-3.0»
(the cost of ready kits below custom configurations)
Clamping plate 4 PCs.
Cord 300
Bolt M10x55 4 PCs.
Nut M10 4 PCs.
Wrench 17 2 PCs.
Price: 24 $ (21 €)

Recommendations for the selection of the Pillar extractor

  If You plan to pull out the pillars with a diameter of up to 25 cm with a metal lever with a diameter of 3-4 cm, the most suitable will be the Pillar extractor PE-1.2, with a cord length of 120 cm, respectively.
  When uprooting wooden pillars with a diameter of 25 cm other wooden pillars, need the Pillar extractor PE-2.0 length of a cord 200 cm, respectively.
  If the diameter of the pillars to be pulled out more than 25 cm, you will need the Pillar extractor PE-3.0, with a cord length of 300 cm, respectively.
  Recruitment the Pillar extractor is made on the basis of what would be too long ends of a cord doesn't interfere.
  Below is a photo of the capture of the rod with a diameter of 12 mm, as an example of capturing thin elements, since this technique is not included in the video.
  At extreme loads, it is possible to slide the cord in the clamping plates. To eliminate the slip, tighten the bolting. It to tighten. Restoring the size of the loop with the unwinding and subsequent tightening of the clamping plates will not bring results. This is determined by the design of the cord. Noticing the slide, remove the load from the Extractor and tighten the bolting. picture
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Detailed specifications on the elements of the the Pillar extractor
(all dimensions in the figures are in millimeters)
picture picture picture picture picture picture