Hand Boer "HDT-5"
The most powerful and durable in its class

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Equipment "Full set"
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Equipment «Well 10-200»
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Bicomponent bailer
for drifting quicksand of any complexity
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Pillar extractor
the simplest universal device
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 Boer HDT-5 is created for work on clay and sandy soils interspersed with solid rocks with a diameter of up to five centimeters. Hand boer or auger allows you to create:
-holes for pillars and foundations
-punctures under the roads (channels for laying communications)
-wells with a depth of 12 meters (also allows you to clean existing wells to recover debit).
By means of the drill it is possible to carry out works in the places inaccessible for the mechanized drilling, in cellars and other rooms, where there is a height restriction, close to walls, trees, etc.

Distinctive features of the boer HDT-5:

-high strength

-high performance

-modular construction

-all cutting edges have a wear-resistant composition

-the angle of winding screws of drill rods - 540 degrees
(a very important indicator, otherwise sandy and pebble soils will not stay on the auger)

-quick coupling
(no threaded, bolted, splinted connection and other elements that obstruct work or may be lost)

-side full-size cutting bar
(forms a wall of the wellbore and facilitates the ascent of the drill)

-holes for lifting of the drill on all connecting rods
(a very important indicator when drilling to a depth of more than a meter)

-decentralized spear
(prevents idling of the drill when it hits the stone)

-opportunity to work in cramped conditions

-bicomponent bailer for drifting quicksand when creating a well.

Prices: sets cost from 47 $ (41 €).

Selection of set and cost of equipment
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Figures provides the most popular kit «Full set», «Well 10-200», unique equipment for drifting quicksand of any complexity and other device.

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The composition and characteristics of equipment «Full set»:
   -three drill rods 100, 200 and 300. For drilling holes with a diameter of 10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm, respectively1.
   -four connecting rods 50 cm long, stackable as deepening.
   -handle and two extenders.

     The kit also includes a spatula, interception and bag. Spatula except for removing the ground as well as the interception, serves to facilitate the lifting of the drill and use in limited sectors turn.

Kit weight 24±1 kg.

Dimensions, cm:
in maximally expanded state......305х114х30

This configuration allows drilling to a depth not less than 2.2 m, exceeding the value of soil freezing2. Work on this depth significantly reduces the effect of seasonal soil variations on foundations, prevents extrusion of pillars, freezing of communications, etc.

1. The diameter of the screw drill rod. Specifies the maximum diameter of the mounted support in millimeters. The actual diameter of the hole is larger than the diameter of the screw, which makes it possible to adjust the position of the installed support. More information on diameters is given. here.
2. The depth of soil freezing in the Sverdlovsk region.

The composition and characteristics of equipment «Well 10-200»:
In the configuration «Well 10-200» includes the same items as the equipment «Full set» (signed on the figure). New elements are 4 two-meter connecting rods, which increase the total length of the drill to 10.5 meters1, what will allow to drill a well up to 10 meters in depth with a diameter of 20 cm.

Kit weight 38±1 кг.

Dimensions, cm:
in maximally expanded state......1055х30х20

Bailers (drifters quicksand):
Characteristics of the bailers (drifters quicksand) are described in detail in the site section Well drilling. There are also recommendations on the selection of the bailers.


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