Hand Boer "HDT-5"
The most powerful and durable in its class

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Selection of equipment

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All the equipment is provided on the website of the unified, this means that the rods and other elements from all sections are compatible with each other.
Data for custom configuration of the hand boer HDT-5
Equipment Price, $ (€)
Drill rod 100* 31.43 (27.50)
Drill rod 200* 31.43 (27.50)
Drill rod 300* 31.43 (27.50)
Drill rods of custom diameter (from 90 mm to 300 mm) 42.86 (37.50)
Drill rods of custom diameter (from 300 mm to 400 mm) 57.15 (50.00)
Handle 17.15 (15.00)
Connecting rod 50** 15.72 (13.75)
Extender 4.29 (3.75)
Extender E30 4.29 (3.75)
Extender E40 4.29 (3.75)
Spatula 4.29 (3.75)
Interception 4.29 (3.75)
Bag (if you buy bags, shrouding standard drilling rods free) 22.86 (20.00)
Small handle (Moscow code: SH 250) 14.29 (12.50)
Spatula-interception (Moscow code: SI 120) 5.72 (5.00)
Adapter HDT-5A for for self-making of the lock 5.72 (5.00)
Adapter HDT-5B for for self-making of the lock 5.72 (5.00)


 Boer HDT-5 is created for work on clay and sandy soils interspersed with solid rocks with a diameter of up to five centimeters.

 The drill can withstand a rotation force of up to 50 kgf * m (490 N*m) and a lifting force of up to 2 tons.

 Hand boer or drill allows you to create:

  -holes for pillars and foundations
  -punctures under the roads (channels for laying communications)
  -wells with a depth of 12 meters (also allows you to clean existing wells to recover debit).
 By means of the drill it is possible to carry out works in the places inaccessible for the mechanized drilling, in cellars and other rooms, where there is a height restriction, close to walls, trees, etc.

Examples of complete sets

  If You need to drill 2-3 holes to a depth of 80 cm, the minimum configuration is suitable, consisting of a handle and a corresponding drill rod.
  In this case, the drill rod can be selected from three standard sizes 100, 200 and 300. For drilling holes with a nominal bore diameter of 10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm respectively*. Or order a drill rod of the required diameter.
  With a significant amount of planned work and at great depths of drilling kit gets the necessary elements.
  As examples of the above equipment is «Full set» and minimal sets.

Special offer: «Superset» at the price $ 250.06 (€ 218.75)

«Superset» is a «Full set» in which one of the most popular drill rods with a diameter of 25 cm is added. At the cost of the rod in $ 42.86 (€ 37.50), as part of the kit its cost is $ 35.72 (€ 31.25)
Equipment «Full set»
(the cost of ready kits below custom configurations)
Drill rod 100* $ 31.43 (€ 27.50)
Drill rod 200* $ 31.43 (€ 27.50)
Drill rod 300* $ 31.43 (€ 27.50)
Handle $ 17.15 (€ 15.00)
Connecting rods 50** $ 15.72 х 4 = $ 62.88
(€ 13.75) х 4 = (€ 55.00)
Extender $ 4.29 х 2 = $ 8.58
(€ 3.75) х 2 = (€ 7.50)
Spatula $ 4.29 (€ 3.75)
Interception $ 4.29 (€ 3.75)
Bag $ 22.86 (€ 20.00)
Price: $ 214.34 (€ 187.50)
Minimal equipment
(a drill rod of custom diameter)
Drill rod of custom diameter (from 90 mm to 300 mm) $ 42.86 (€ 37.50)
Handle $ 17.15 (€ 15.00)
Price: $ 60.01 (€ 52.50)
Drill rod of custom diameter (from 300 mm to 400 mm) $ 57.15 (€ 50.00)
Handle $ 17.15 (€ 15.00)
Price: $ 74.30 (€ 65.00)
Minimal equipment
(a drill rod of nominal diameter )
Drill rod (nominal diameter)*** $ 31.43 (€ 27.50)
Handle $ 17.15 (€ 15.00)
Price: $ 48.58 (€ 42.50)
* The maximum diameter of the installed element in millimeters. More information on diameters is provided below.
** Usable length of connecting rod in centimeters.
*** Drill rod (nominal diameter) – drill rod 100, 200 or 300.

The composition and characteristics of equipment «Full set»:

 Kit weight 24±1 kg.
 Dimensions, cm:
  in maximally expanded state......305х114х30

 This configuration allows drilling to a depth not less than 2.2 m, exceeding the amount of soil freezing (the depth of soil freezing in the Sverdlovsk region). Work on this depth significantly reduces the effect of seasonal soil variations on foundations, prevents extrusion of pillars, freezing of communications, etc.

 The included spatula, in addition to removing the ground, as well as the interception, can serve to facilitate the lifting of the drill and the rotation of the rod with a limited rotation sector.

Recommendations for the selection of drill rods

  Drill rods of nominal diameters 100, 200 and 300 cover almost the entire range of drilling operations that arise in domestic use. The values 100, 200, and 300 indicate the maximum diameters of the elements to be installed in millimeters, such as pillars. The diameters of the resulting holes are shown in the figures of these drill rods (indicated by a dotted line). The difference between the diameters of, for example, the hole and the pillar to be installed is necessary to correct the position of the pillar. Since it is impossible to drill exactly vertically or exactly in the right place, a tolerance for drilling error is required.
  Since all the variety of drilling-related tasks cannot be solved with drill rods of nominal diameters alone, the order page offers the option of selecting rods of any diameter ranging from 9 cm to 40 cm in increments of one centimeter. The upper tolerance for the described diameter of such rods (in the figures indicated by a dotted line) is 0 mm, the lower tolerance is -5 mm. The technology of manufacturing rods of custom diameter is more complex and, accordingly, their cost is higher than rods of nominal diameters. Therefore, it makes sense to order them either with a significant difference from rods of nominal diameters, or with increased requirements for the accuracy of the created hole. Also, the choice of rods of custom diameter can be caused by the requirement to the size of its external dimension, for example, when drilling inside pipe.
  For an example. The drill rod with a diameter of 11 cm will be slightly less than the drill rod of nominal diameter 100, and the drill rod with a dimeter of 12 cm, will almost coincide with the drill rod 100. So, the choice of a drill rod by a 12 cm can be justified only by increased accuracy to the created hole.

Recommendations for the selection of extenders

  Conventional extenders (trade name "Extender") have a length of 50 cm, are universal and allow you to perform any type of work with any equipment. However, when drilling holes of small diameter and one person, it is often more convenient to use shortened extenders, especially if there are many such holes.
  Extenders 40 cm long (trade name "Extender E40"), designed for drilling holes up to 20 cm in diameter, allow more convenient to rotate the handle when drilling by one person or two, when the drillers rotate the drill staying in place.
  Extenders 30 cm long (trade name "Extender E30") are used for drilling holes up to 20 cm in diameter on light soils and up to 15 cm on heavy clay soils interspersed with hard rocks. Mainly designed for drilling by one person. As these extenders are convenient when working with screw bailer.

General characteristics of the equipment

  Despite such a low cost of equipment, You get a professional tool that has a number of qualities, the importance of which you understand only when you start drilling.
  It does not require sharpening of the cutting edges. And the presence of a cutting bar, forming the wall of the hole and facilitates the excavation of the drill and more.
  For example, such a moment as the elongation of the drill as it deepens. If the stackable rods are more than half a meter, then you have to drill until the handle drops to the knees, and after building it will be at the level of the head. Two or three holes to drill, of course, but great fun is not delivered.
  There is still a nuance at the time of lifting the drill. If there are no elements to intercept the rods, then raise the drill from a depth of only one meter is already problematic. Since the handle of the drill is high above his head, and pull the smooth pipe, and even in gloves, smeared with clay (and if you pull this pipe, they will be smeared with clay) is quite tedious. What else to pull?
  If the drill is assembled on bolts, in addition to the fact that it is extremely inconvenient, working with such a tool is fraught with more serious consequences. For example, the famous story of how they went to drill, but when assembling the rods dropped the bolt into the clay and with the ends. It's okay if people came to the "Moskvich" (humor clear to the Russians), the bolts are always with them. And if the imported car?
  All these, as well as many other issues are taken into account in the design of the drill RBI-5, in order to drilling was a comfortable occupation, not exhausting work. And most importantly, You can always expand your kit for any task, up to drilling, just getting the necessary elements. Or just buy a complete set.

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Weight-overall characteristics of the drill elements
(all dimensions in the figures are in millimeters)

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